Holistic Treatment Thai Massage


Thai is a practice handed down for millennia by Thai Buddhist monks. It consists of techniques aimed at regaining well being in a natural way, in fact the technique is based on the fundamental principles of acupressure and palm pressure. The body is stretched and manipulated through techniques very close to passive yoga. The massage, performed on a futon, begins with
a procedure aimed at achieving harmony with the breath and heartbeat. Slowly the muscles relax and the therapist begins with the practice of pressure and stretching, which leads to improved vascular activity and normalized energy flows.

The goal is to
bring the body, mind and spirit to a perfect balance, eliminating the tensions that arise from everyday stress. This technique promotes physical and mental recovery, making it suitable for those who practice sports.

Choose the fragrance of the essential oils, the colors and the music that will accompany you during this treatment.

Music & Sounds

– Classical

– Instrumental

-Sounds of nature

Lights & Colours

-Warm hue

-Cold hue

-Variable color


Floral flavores

Oriental flavores

Woody flavores

Fresh flavores


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