Holistic Treatment Shiatsu Massage


The main peculiarity of the “Zen Shiatsu” we practice is taking into consideration the client’s energy vision as a “person” and not just as a “physical body”, which highlights a problem. Human health is not simply an autonomous physiological problem, but a more general imbalance that affects personal evolution, which includes function, energy, consciousness, and quality of mind.

There are many benefits of this treatment, in addition to ensuring well being
and relaxation, it’s also recommended for: neck
and shoulder stiffness, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression, headache, digestive disorders.

Choose the fragrance of the essential oils, the colors and the music that will accompany you during this treatment.

Music & Sounds

– Classical

– Instrumental

-Sounds of nature

Lights & Colours

-Warm hue

-Cold hue

-Variable color


Floral flavores

Oriental flavores

Woody flavores

Fresh flavores


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