Holistic Treatment Cranium-Sacral Massage


It has its origins in osteopathy. It is a delicate treatment which, with light touches and manipulations on the cranial bones and the vertebral column, acts in depth. This type of treatment brings harmony, relaxation and helps in self-healing: the body “knows what to do”, but it needs support, it holds back what is useful and free from what is no longer useful.

Useful for the treatment of anxiety and depression. Also indicated after mouth surgeries, such as dental implants.

Choose the fragrance of the essential oils, the colors and the music that will accompany you during this treatment.

Music & Sounds

– Classical

– Instrumental

-Sounds of nature

Lights & Colours

-Warm hue

-Cold hue

-Variable color


Floral flavores

Oriental flavores

Woody flavores

Fresh flavores


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